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If you are interested in wholesaling with us, please send us information about your store, as well as how long it has been established. If possible a link to your store’s online presence would also be appreciated. Thanks!

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Print and Destroy

Brian and Lynnea first met when Lynnea’s band Teflon Resistance needed a new drummer, and the two have been co-creating ever since. Squid Ink Kollective was born out of a desire for a business that brought artists together to thrive without sacrificing creative goals. Fortunately, Lynnea and Brian share the same love of cats, India, and low brow jabs at fine art. Humor is important always, but especially so when talking about consciousness and interconnectedness.

Our typical day consists of Lynnea working on emails, shipping and designing/sewing new products. Brian designs all of our printed matter, usually with a combination of ink drawing and computer editing. The entire process of creating the images, burning the screens, and printing by hand all of our shirts, tea towels, fabric, and posters is done by us. We also endeavor to do what we can in terms of sustainability – keeping our paper/electricity usage to a minimum, recycling, and buying as much USA-made materials as possible.